“I Don’t Like Singing”: What Don Miller Misses About Singing in Worship?


I confess: earlier in my life I have had a strong distaste for congregational singing in worship. And so when Don Miller (in this post) basically confessed the same thing earlier this week, I read with interest. Miller seems to

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The Dynamics of the Way Congregations Form: My New Course at Fuller

I think this is really important. Congregations gather around bad dynamics and good ones. Ones that play on anger and fear, and ones that draw us into the fullness of Jesus Christ. (I once called these the “empty politic” versus

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Ecclesia Network and Me: A Personal Testimonial


I am a homer for Ecclesia Network. I admit it. In a country dominated by large mega conferences for mega church wanna be’s, where traditional denominations are struggling to deal with the big cultural questions, where you’re either a conservative

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We’re Excessively Confused About Love: The Grammys 2014 As a Liturgy for Our Time


On a FB post today, I argued that one can only make sense of the “marriage” of 33 couples and the celebration of “love” by Queen Latifah and Macklemore at the Grammy’s by placing it within the entire 3 ½

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Is the Church Jesus? Arguing for a Closer Relationship between Jesus, His Reign and the Church, and being alright with that!


Warning theological post. May require some familiarity with theological jargon. Sorry : Several months ago Englewood Review of Books published an extensive review of Prodigal Christianity by Christian Amondson. It was a negative review. There were several theological misses in

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In honor of Dr Martin Luther King


“Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that.” – Martin Luther King Jr.

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Zizek, the Space In-Between, and Mission


Warning: A more academic/philosophical post lies ahead. May require some background interest in philosophy and political theory. In his preface to Interrogating the Real, Zizek talks about one of his key modus operandi: the idea that the Real is only

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DMin Seminar Week: I’ll Be Back Posting The Week of January 13th!


After spending a week in Florida with family (my Mom and sister live in Florida), I’m preparing to teach the Missional Theology Doctoral Seminar all next week at Northern next week. It’s contextual theological method. It’s the working out of

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Ten Best Theological Posts of 2013

I don’t always write theology here at ReclaimingTheMission. I’m often writing pastoral reflections on actual church situations in mission. When I write theology, I try not to write academic theology here on this blog. I hope to write theology that

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The Lesson of Driscoll’s Plagiarism: A Rant On Rejecting Celebrity Leadership


Celebrity leadership is the death knell of the evangelical church in America What can be learned by yet another Mark Driscoll fiasco. Is it even worth talking about? The Poison of Celebrity Pastor Leadership Forget the issue of Mark Driscoll’s

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