This Blog’s Return is About Two Weeks Away!

Sorry folks for the delay in getting this blog back up and running. This is just to let you know I’m still here and this blog shall return shortly. In the meantime I’m still active on Facebook and Twitter. Thanks

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Merry Christmas to All – and “here’s to a brand new 2015″


It’s been a good season of blogging this past year. Thanks to all of you who have so faithfully read my words and interacted with me on this space. I’ve learned alot. I wish you a rich and glorious Christmas.

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The Two Sins of Multi-Site Video Venue: The Case of Mark Driscoll/Mars Hills and How Should We Respond?


It’s been a while since Mark Driscoll’s stepping down from Mars Hill Seattle church was announced and the dissolving of its central organization. So perhaps now, after all the Twitter fire has died down, we might ponder the meaning of

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Discerning Christ’s Presence In the World: How We Learn This Around the Table


Missional church leaders generally ascribe to the idea that the church does not have a mission, God has a mission to which the church is invited to participate. God is already at work in the world, we Christians must simply

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I Don’t Know Nothin – A post #Ferguson post.

David Whited, a white co-pastor at Church of the Shepherd located in Hyde Park, a very integrated (both racially and socio-economically) community on South Side Chicago,  wrote the following on his Facebook page yesterday. I thought it worth re-posting during

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Doctor of Missional Leadership: A Very Unique Doctoral Program if I do say so myself :)

I’ve been away for a week roaming Toronto – Hamilton – Niagra – St Catharines Ontario.  As a result, I am behind on my writing (including blog writing). So I thought I’d use the blog post this week to announce

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“No Kingdom Outside the Church!!!” My Take on Scot McKnight’s Grand Statement- Kingdom Conspiracy (Last Post)


On my last post on Scot McKnight’s Kingdom Conspiracy, I sketched out the boldest position of the book: “Kingdom” is always a people governed by a King (as the term is used consistently throughout the Old and New Testaments). Since

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The Kingdom is the Church. Huh? Scot McKnight’s Kingdom Conspiracy (Post 3)


Previous to this post (here and here), I’ve described two of McKnight’s proposals in his book Kingdom Conspiracy. Now I’d like to turn towards the more controversial proposals in the book: that the Kingdom is the church and there is

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The Three P.’s of Evangelism in Post-Christian Context

Evangelism, or proclaiming the gospel in context, is the subject for this years Missional Learning Commons. In my opening presentation on Saturday morning, I hope to exposit in three easy P.’s what I have experienced are the issues we face

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Converting from the Creation/Fall/Redemption Story to the Kingdom Story: McKnight’s Kingdom Conspiracy (Post 2)


In Kingdom Conspiracy, Scot McKnight challenges Christians to get their stories straight … or should I say … their Story straight. Christians growing up in the West, under the tutelage of the protestant Reformation, have primarily read the Bible (and

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