The End of Evangelicalism?

The End of Evangelicalism? Discerning a New Faithfulness For Mission IS NOW AVAILABLE!!

You can purchase the book at a 40% discount by using this link and enter “FITCH” as the coupon code.  This will be good through the end of May

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1.) This book is a social psycho-analysis of evangelicalism in N. America. In other words, the book is like taking evangelicalism to a counselor and asking why are we acting this way? What is driving some of our strange behaviors?  What are people saying about us and what does this reveal about the kinds of people we have become in our culture?

2.) This book takes an historical look at the way we evangelicals have answered the three main questions for communal formation: a.) How does God reveal Himself? b.) What is the gospel? and c.) Where is the Kingdom. It traces how our answers to these questions – a.) The Inerrant Bible, b.) the Decision for Christ, and c.) the Christian Nation – morphed into a belief and practice that shaped us to be against the world.

3.) This book suggests that there are two kinds of politic (a way of life together) in the world: a.) an empty politic, and b.) a politic of fullness. Using the political theory of Slavoj Žižek, this book tries to show how evangelicalism has morphed into an “empty politic,” a politic defined by what/who we are against as opposed to who we are or what we are for.

4.) As a result, evangelicalism is behaving like an ideology that is unraveling. Strange behaviors are revealing the emptiness behind our way of life. We must return to the core of our politics in the Incarnate Son, the person and work of Jesus Christ, second person of the Triune God, who is at work in the whole world to reconcile the world to Himself (2 Cor 5:19).


In your hands is one of the sharpest and informed evaluations of the state of evangelicalism. Read it slowly. Ponder it. Plot a better evangelicalism.

Scot McKnight -  Karl A. Olsson Professor in Religious Studies, North Park University, Chicago

In compelling fashion, Fitch digs deep to examine how key U.S. evangelical beliefs actually function as an ideology rather than gospel. He calls us from a Christianity that acts as “ideology” to one that authentically incarnates Jesus’ life and mission. What a book! This one will knock you back on your heels.

Howard A. Snyder – Professor of Wesley Studies, Tyndale Seminary, Ontario, Canada

This is a significant book for those wrestling with the theological and cultural integrity of the Evangelical movement in a post-Christian setting.”

John R. Franke, Clemons Professor of Missional Theology, Biblical Seminary, Philadelphia

David Fitch explores three key issues that symbolize the evangelical conundrum—the inerrant Bible, the decision for Christ, and the Christian nation – by reframing them through missional theology. This is a timely and crucial read for those concerned about the evangelical movement.

Craig Van Gelder, Ph.D. Professor of Congregational Mission, Luther Seminary, St. Paul MN


Here’s a practical suggestion. Because this work is challenging both theologically and politically, I’d encourage everyone to download the introduction (below) of the book to get a taste of this book’s style and subject. I’m not out to sell a lot of books, just get it to the right people who can be good readers and but also leaders for a renewed faithful church as we face the new challenges of N. America.

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If you’d like to get an idea of what I’m after, please feel free to download the Introduction to the book.


If you’d like to purchase the book at a 40% discount, use this link and enter “FITCH” as the coupon code.  This will be good through the end of May. The book will be in full distribution April 1 including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc.


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If you are a blogger, with a reasonably well visited web-site, I have a limited number of free copies for those who can promise a review of the book to be posted both on the blog and the Amazon site of the book (forthcoming). Feel free to contact me. *UPDATE : Folks, the demand for review copies has been great. Unfortunately I’m all OUT OF THEM. So thanks to all who are reviewing the book!

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If you are interested in an interview, or having me speak/lecture/present at an event around the the topic covered in this book, feel free to contact me.

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