DMin Seminar Week: I’ll Be Back Posting The Week of January 13th!

After spending a week in Florida with family (my Mom and sister live in Florida), I’m preparing to teach the Missional Theology Doctoral Seminar all next week at Northern next week. It’s contextual theological method. It’s the working out of three questions on the ground contextually: What is the gospel? How does God reveal Himself? Where is the Kingdom? By the way, contextually does not mean subjectively or personally or even more relevantly (is that a word?). After asking these questions and doing the theological work, we discern how this in turn shapes the practice of communities to live into these doctrinal realities for God’s Mission in the world.

Cheers! and here’s looking forward to next week (I love these seminars). To warm us all up, below is a picture of typical DMin Missional Theology student at Northern in January. (FYI We are looking for sponsors for a D Min Missional program in Hawaii.)




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  1. Even here in our place we suffer the same too and I thank God for the safety to all of us. God Bless!

    the family international

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