Missional? Not Another Program At Your Local Church

On Fridays, I post information on conferences that I either value or I’m going to be at myself. I also post videos that I’m a part of where I’m talking about ideas I see as central to the task of leading the church in Mission. If this kind of promotion is a turn off to you, please ignore Fridays on this blog! That’s why I do this on Fridays so you can ward off “promotion fatigue” :)



We’re having a gathering at Northern Seminary March 23rd, 6 p.m. at Lindner Conference Center. It’s a sort of book release party (free refreshments) presentation on Prodigal Christianity. I’ll be addressing the problem of turning “Missional” into a program at your church. Instead of doing that, I propose a cultivation of some basic practices that bleed into the neighborhood bringing the Kingdom of God into visible reality. There will be Q&A with co-author/co-pastor Geoff Holsclaw and me. There will be alot of good ‘fellowship’ (as the baptists call it) for as long as we can hang out. ALL THIS IS FREE! We might even go to Harry’s afterwards. Check out the web page and facebook page. If you’re coming, please let us know by indicating you’re coming on the FB page. It will help us plan food. Look forward to meeting you.


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2 comments on “Missional? Not Another Program At Your Local Church
  1. Will you record this presentation?

  2. davidfitch says:

    Michelle, it’ll be live streamed via internet. I don’t know if it’s going to be recorded. P.S. I still have to get to that questionairre, you sent to me. Still in the qeue … :)

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