Bruxy Cavey, the Anabaptist Vision and Mission

Folks, here’s a video link of Canadian pastor Bruxy Cavey talking about the Kingdom. I find Bruxy very interesting because he is an evangelical, self-proclaimed Anabaptist and (get this!) a pastor at a large church in Toronto Area (can we call a large church a mega church in Canada?). I’ve had conflicting ideas (to say the least) about the possibilities of Anabaptist theology/Missional church expression mixing with Mega church structures and that making sense. I’ve been hopeful at times when I’ve seen large church structures birth small indigenous communities in neighborhoods. But most of the time I’ve been despairing having seen large structures undercut mission through programing and structures that default to consumer processes. I suggest that if there’s one person who could tackle this it would be a Canadian (where it seems the issue of post-Christendom mission is much harder to avoid) evangelical Anabaptist. I’ve never been to The Meeting House (other than to speak at a conference), but looking at Bruxy’s bio that description fits him. This is why I’m looking forward to meeting and talking Kingdom with Bruxy at Missio Alliance. Here’s Bruxy talking Kingdom and Missio Alliance.

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  1. Bruxy, Tim Day (their senior pastor) and The Meeting House are all great friends of Southridge, where I serve, and we have learned MUCH from the host of friendships and ministry relationships being cultivated between the two churches. Missio Alliance will be all the better for welcoming Bruxy to share. I’m still hoping to be there and be a part of it myself!

    Please check out The Meeting House, Bruxy’s blog, and their various podcasts! Your faith-life will be deeply enriched!

  2. Mijk V says:

    Bruxy is one of my favorite of the neo-Anabaptists because he not only claims to have converted to historic Anabaptism, but his change in ideology has coincided with a change in belonging. Historic Anabaptism is the lived theology of a historically continuous community and not a mere set of theological propositions, and I wonder if many neo-Anabaptists are missing that.

    On a more serious note, Bruxy’s jokes are funny.

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