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Ecclesia Network and Me: A Personal Testimonial


Tweet I am a homer for Ecclesia Network. I admit it. In a country dominated by large mega conferences for mega church wanna be’s, where traditional denominations are struggling to deal with the big cultural questions, where you’re either a

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The State of the Missional Conversation is Not Good: Has the Neo-Reformed Quit Talking?


Tweet It’s getting harder and harder to have good theological conversations around Mission and missional church. And yet, the manifestation of our many problems in the movement itself  begs for more discernment. One of the things I and Geoff Holsclaw

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What we HOPE ‘Missional’ Could Mean by Geoff Holsclaw

Tweet In keeping with the new format of, we are adding a second post every week. This week’s second post is this one by Geoff Holscaw. He also is a Co-Pastor at Life on the Vine Church, and an Affiliate

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Gary Nelson on Canadians, Mission and the Missio Alliance

Tweet On Fridays, I post information on conferences either that I value, or I’m going to be at myself. (I also post videos that I’m a part of talking about key ideas.) Today’s post comes from Gary Nelson. Gary is

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Bruxy Cavey, the Anabaptist Vision and Mission

Tweet Folks, here’s a video link of Canadian pastor Bruxy Cavey talking about the Kingdom. I find Bruxy very interesting because he is an evangelical, self-proclaimed Anabaptist and (get this!) a pastor at a large church in Toronto Area (can

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“Regarding LGBTQ, What is Your Position?” “I Don’t Have One”

Tweet One of the best discussions I’ve had in a long time happened on facebook over the weekend. It was a discussion about the ‘dreaded’ issue of Christianity, the church and LGBTQ sexual relations. The discussion started with my statement

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The Future of the Gospel in N. America

Tweet The church in N. America is facing multiple issues that it is having trouble talking about.  The cultural changes hitting us have presented new issues we cannot avoid. Yet when we bring these issues up, Christians are fractured, and

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