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The State of the Missional Conversation is Not Good: Has the Neo-Reformed Quit Talking?


Tweet It’s getting harder and harder to have good theological conversations around Mission and missional church. And yet, the manifestation of our many problems in the movement itself  begs for more discernment. One of the things I and Geoff Holsclaw

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The Mark Driscoll Fiasco: What the Latest Flap Teaches Us About The Neo-Reformed Movement

Tweet You can stop reading this post if you think I am going to review Mark and Grace Driscoll’s book Real Marriage. I have a much more boring post in mind. Driscoll’s Real Marriage book is to the NeoReformed what

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The Rob Bell Fiasco: Why We Can’t Have This Conversation

Tweet This Rob Bell discussion on universalism is not a new conversation in the history of the church. This discussion has not only been going on for centuries in historic Christianity, it’s been going on within the academic halls of

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