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World Vision and The Public Sport of Evangelical In-Fighting


Tweet Watching Christians fight over LGBTQ relations has become entertaining sport for much of North American media. Because the average N American thinks about sex as a form of self-expression, such fighting appears incoherent. When churches start exhibiting vitriol, and

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Chastening the mantra “God is at work in the world”: Lessons from WW2


Tweet A couple days ago I posted on twitter/facebook the following (you can connect with me on fb/twitter via the side tab), To say “God is at work in the world, let us join with Him” requires a place where

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Membership Has Its Practices: Membership in Missional Communities After Christendom


Tweet Yesterday morning I posted on Twitter (@fitchest) : The local church doesn’t demand sanctification upon joining. It requires commitment to the communal processes of sanctification upon joining To me this is worth thinking about because it gets at the

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The Failed Arizona Anti-Gay Legislation: The Lesson for Christian Mission


Tweet I have an involuntary knee-jerk reaction whenever I’m asked to support putting the power of the state behind a Christian moral conviction. And so, I naturally reacted negatively last week when I heard about the passage of the Arizona

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On Fundamentally Changing the Expectations of Church-Planting


Tweet Church planting in United States and Canada has been traditionally all about gathering a large crowd, making a big splash in a community and building a building.  Success is measured by how big and how fast.  Though I recognize

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5 Tips on Keeping Bi-Vocational Ministry from Imploding


Tweet Bi-vocational ministry has a bad name. This bad name was bequeathed upon it by Christendom. Because within this Christianized world, where every body is a Christian, the pastor is looked upon as a professional carrying out all of the

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The Start-With-Twelve ‘Strategy’


Tweet It’s a veritable fact of sociology: If you start with a crowd (50-100 people in church planting) you can build a bigger crowd with surprising speed (Most mega churches start with at least 50-100 people from another church). Because

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The Space Between MLK and Malcolm X: What the Missional Church Can Learn about Racial Reconciliation


Tweet To missional church white people, interested in racial reconciliation, I recommend you read Martin and Malcolm: A Dream or a Nightmare by James Cone. In it, Cone outlines the history of the black struggle for equality, justice and freedom

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“Knitting While Detroit Burns?”: The Reformed “Both/And” versus the Anabaptist “First/ Then”


Tweet You’ve got to love the phrase “Knitting while Detroit burns?” Jamie Smith is one of the best at turning a phrase and this one beautifully visualizes what a lot of people think about Anabaptists and the push for the

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The Church Gathering Should be Like a Good AA Meeting

Tweet The other day I tweeted that “the Eucharist can be likened to a good AA meeting intensified by the Real Presence.” What did I mean? I had just had an impactful cup of coffee with a recovering alcoholic. We

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