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A Slow Ecclesiology or a Fast Ecclesiology?: Why There is No Fast Ecclesiology in God’s Mission


Tweet I’m privileged to present at the Slow Church Conference in Indianapolis this week. I love this conference. I love this theme. The title of my talk will be “A Slow Ecclesiology or a Fast Ecclesiology?: Why There is No

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Quit Sending Individuals Out As Missionaries: The Kingdom Starts With Communities


Tweet Community as the Logic of Mission When we think of church-planting, starting new churches, or sending missionaries to unreached places, we generally think of sending individuals. I want to suggest this is all wrong. Churches, denominations and mission sending

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Authority in The Kingdom is Different


Tweet A Theological Excursus on the authority/power in the Kingdom versus the world. But you are not to be called rabbi, for you have one teacher, and you are all brothers.  And call no man your father on earth, for

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The Start-With-Twelve ‘Strategy’


Tweet It’s a veritable fact of sociology: If you start with a crowd (50-100 people in church planting) you can build a bigger crowd with surprising speed (Most mega churches start with at least 50-100 people from another church). Because

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How To Avoid Becoming a Cult (or for that matter A Large Consumer Mega Church): Oikos versus Ekklesia


Tweet Oikos and Ekklesia: Every Church Needs Both In Gregory Dix’s monumental book The Shape of the Liturgy he describes how the early gathering of the Christians took on a double character. There were private meetings in homes where an

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The Church Gathering Should be Like a Good AA Meeting

Tweet The other day I tweeted that “the Eucharist can be likened to a good AA meeting intensified by the Real Presence.” What did I mean? I had just had an impactful cup of coffee with a recovering alcoholic. We

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Is Tim Keller a Closet Niebuhrian? Post #2 on Center Church by David Fitch

Tweet Warning Theological Post Ahead: This post is for theological readers. In other words, the post requires the reader to work through some background knowledge in theology to get the main points of the post. Proceed therefore at your own

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Is the church a place to hear good preaching? or more “prodigal” than that?

Tweet Here’s one of our intro video shorts on Prodigal Christianity. The release date is coming next week. In this short video we’re reviewing chapter 7 where we ask, Is the church the place where we come to hear good

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Mega Churches Steal Sheep: My Ongoing Debate With Ed Stetzer

Tweet Last week Ed Stetzer, whom I love, executed an all out assault on the Megachurch “sheep stealing critique.” This critique argues that the mega church congregations of our day are made up of largely Christians moving from one church

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Missional? Not Another Program At Your Local Church

Tweet On Fridays, I post information on conferences that I either value or I’m going to be at myself. I also post videos that I’m a part of where I’m talking about ideas I see as central to the task

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