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Chastening the mantra “God is at work in the world”: Lessons from WW2


Tweet A couple days ago I posted on twitter/facebook the following (you can connect with me on fb/twitter via the side tab), To say “God is at work in the world, let us join with Him” requires a place where

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The State of the Missional Conversation is Not Good: Has the Neo-Reformed Quit Talking?


Tweet It’s getting harder and harder to have good theological conversations around Mission and missional church. And yet, the manifestation of our many problems in the movement itself  begs for more discernment. One of the things I and Geoff Holsclaw

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Prodigal Christianity: Why We Wrote This Book

Tweet Evidently the kindle version of Prodigal Christianity hit the market yesterday. So in celebration, I post this video Holsclaw and I did (while sitting in McDonald’s) on why we wrote this book.    

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Are the Neo-Reformed/Evangelicals Niebuhrians? and therefore ill equipped for Post-Christendom?

Tweet Warning: The following is a theological post requiring citing theologians, histories of tradition, hemeneutical and cultural concepts,  in order to better understand the influences, assumptions and sources of our beliefs that shape our practice of church in the world.

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Are “The Neo-Reformed” Reformed? Or Are They Puritans? And Does it Even Matter?

Tweet As a follow-up to the post last week on Mark Driscoll’s escapade with Justin Brierley on his British radio program, Unbelievable, I’d like to respond to two substantive objections voiced in the comments (typified by Scot McKnight’s comments in

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The Mark Driscoll Fiasco: What the Latest Flap Teaches Us About The Neo-Reformed Movement

Tweet You can stop reading this post if you think I am going to review Mark and Grace Driscoll’s book Real Marriage. I have a much more boring post in mind. Driscoll’s Real Marriage book is to the NeoReformed what

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The Incarnation: Some Clarifications on An Abused Term: Post #2 Marcus Borg and Brian McLaren

Tweet Warning: Academic theological discussion ahead. Read at own risk —————————————————– In my last post, I complained that the doctrine of  the incarnation had gotten a bad rap lately. For me, talk of “the incarnation” has become confused. Yet I

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The Incarnation: Some Clarifications on an Abused Term – Post#1

Tweet Warning: Academic theological discussion ahead. Read at own risk —————————————————– The word “Incarnation” means “take on flesh.” The word itself is not used in the NT but rather is a doctrine of the church that describes for us that

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When We Form Our Lives Around What We Are Against – Announcing “The End of Evangelicalism?”

Tweet The Idea of an Empty Politic and Evangelicalism Most of us know the feeling of exhilaration when we are part of a large group united against a common enemy. There’s a certain energy elicited. This was evident for instance

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Three Compelling (Theological) Questions – for the Shaping of the Local Church into Mission.

Tweet Recently I was asked the question, how does theology shape the church? The implication was that theology is irrelevant to the life of a church. To which I responded “There’s a theology that drives every church. Theology is shaping

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