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Skinny Jeans and Pleated Pants Kingdom: McKnight’s Kingdom Conspiracy (Post 1)


Tweet In Scot McKnight’s latest book, Kingdom Conspiracy, he has an axe to grind. He’s doing some honest complaining. The way he sees it, the word “Kingdom” has become muddled. The phrase “Kingdom of God” has lost its moorings. It

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On A Third Way on LGBTQ Issues: Some Differences Between Wendy VanderWal-Gritter and Myself


Tweet A couple weeks ago Jonathan Merritt (of RNS) interviewed Wendy VanderWal-Gritter about “a third way–for Christians on the ‘gay issue.’” Wendy is the author of the new book Generous Spaciousness: Responding to Gay Christians in the Church. She’s exec

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Can Twitter Save the World? On Christians Tweeting For Justice in Ferguson and other places in the world.


Tweet I have a general rule in my life: stay away from conflicts that are more than a driving distance away. I believe that conflict is best engaged relationally, under the Lordship of Christ, whether everyone involved is a believer

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On Posting Dirty Laundry … about Mark Driscoll and other asundry mega church pastors.


Tweet Recently, on Twitter and Facebook, I linked to a blog post from the former Director of Resurgence, Mike Anderson, on his departure from Mars Hill Church and his association with Mark Driscoll. It was a revealing post. It could

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Learning how to be funny for the Kingdom: What a Christian pacifist can learn from Muhammad Ali About Witness


Tweet Zizek, the cultural political theorist, teaches us there is no point in confronting an ideological field head on. The person who is firmly subjectified by the discourse, where his or her identity is so interwoven within its coordinates, can

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“The Gospel Coalition” and Post-Christendom: Will it be a Coalition or an Expedition? 5 Years Later


Tweet Five years ago now (May 2009) I wrote the post “The Gospel Coalition” and Post-Christendom: Will it be a Coalition or an Expedition? I asked some questions and worried about the then nascent Gospel Coalition as they emerged as

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A Slow Ecclesiology or a Fast Ecclesiology?: Why There is No Fast Ecclesiology in God’s Mission


Tweet I’m privileged to present at the Slow Church Conference in Indianapolis this week. I love this conference. I love this theme. The title of my talk will be “A Slow Ecclesiology or a Fast Ecclesiology?: Why There is No

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World Vision and The Public Sport of Evangelical In-Fighting


Tweet Watching Christians fight over LGBTQ relations has become entertaining sport for much of North American media. Because the average N American thinks about sex as a form of self-expression, such fighting appears incoherent. When churches start exhibiting vitriol, and

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Chastening the mantra “God is at work in the world”: Lessons from WW2


Tweet A couple days ago I posted on twitter/facebook the following (you can connect with me on fb/twitter via the side tab), To say “God is at work in the world, let us join with Him” requires a place where

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Membership Has Its Practices: Membership in Missional Communities After Christendom


Tweet Yesterday morning I posted on Twitter (@fitchest) : The local church doesn’t demand sanctification upon joining. It requires commitment to the communal processes of sanctification upon joining To me this is worth thinking about because it gets at the

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