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The Dynamics of the Way Congregations Form: My New Course at Fuller

Tweet I think this is really important. Congregations gather around bad dynamics and good ones. Ones that play on anger and fear, and ones that draw us into the fullness of Jesus Christ. (I once called these the “empty politic”

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Is the Church Jesus? Arguing for a Closer Relationship between Jesus, His Reign and the Church, and being alright with that!


Tweet Warning theological post. May require some familiarity with theological jargon. Sorry : Several months ago Englewood Review of Books published an extensive review of Prodigal Christianity by Christian Amondson. It was a negative review. There were several theological misses

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In honor of Dr Martin Luther King


Tweet “Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that.” – Martin Luther King Jr.

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Ten Best Theological Posts of 2013

Tweet I don’t always write theology here at ReclaimingTheMission. I’m often writing pastoral reflections on actual church situations in mission. When I write theology, I try not to write academic theology here on this blog. I hope to write theology

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How Do Churches Choose Its Leaders?

Tweet This is a guest post by Ty Grigg, co-pastor at Life on the Vine.   Recently at Life on the Vine, we sensed that we needed to call more people as shepherds (or elders) who could bring their gifts

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No Twitter, No Facebook, No Blog. I’m on The Road To Indiana and Ohio


Tweet I’m on the road with the Church of the Brethren this week. Here’s my  schedule. Hope to see some of you along the way. I’ll be back facebooking, twittering and blogging ASAP after my return. If you’re interested in

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What the Missional Church is Missing: Proclaiming the Gospel?


Tweet Someone asked me once at a conference what is the greatest lack in the missional churches I’ve been around. I said “proclaiming gospel.” To which this person became offended because they thought I meant that missional people don’t carry

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The Perils of Doing a Ph.D.: Be Forewarned

Tweet I saw this on Facebook via my friend Nathan Smith. It’s a graphic about those who do Adjunct teaching as a vocation to earn a living. It’s a disaster especially in the field of theology and ministry. It’s from

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There’s a Nagging Disconnect Between Neighborhood and Church

Tweet I think the top question among ‘missional’ churches is “how do I lead my church to be present in the neighborhood?” Yeah we know this is the goal. We know all the theological reasons why this is the way

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What’s Happening In The Weeks Ahead


Tweet Here’s a few things either I’m at or friends of mine are at that I highly recommend. September 24th 9-3 p.m. I’ll be in Carlisle PA to meet with Brethren in Christ folk, Ecclesia Network peeps, and anyone else

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