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True theological education is a “there” and “back” exercise


Tweet Last week I tweeted/facebooked It is not enough to be the smartest person in the room. Someone normal must be able to understand you. #NoteToYoungPhDGraduates It opened up an interesting discussion on FB. There were some who joked about

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Church Cannibalism: Should Pastors be Called Out for Pac-Man Tactics?


Tweet There are churches in America who regularly move into a new locale, set up a “site” complete with video screen, 8 or 9 pastors, an array of religious goods and services, a massive children’s ministry, a spectacular worship band

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In lieu of this week’s post … Commencement

Tweet I’m so swamped this week I won’t get to blogging. I’ll be back next week. In place of my regular post, I offer this great video on Northern Seminary’s Commencement last month. Notice Scot McKnight’s excitement in the robing

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Desire is Essential: A Little Riff On The “Unthought” Behind All The Sexual Controversies


Tweet Warning: This is a post which depends on some knowledge of Foucault, Coakley, even Zizek and McIntyre. Read at your own risk. I probably can’t reply to comments asking me to outline the thought of these thinkers. Sorry ——————–

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On Posting Dirty Laundry … about Mark Driscoll and other asundry mega church pastors.


Tweet Recently, on Twitter and Facebook, I linked to a blog post from the former Director of Resurgence, Mike Anderson, on his departure from Mars Hill Church and his association with Mark Driscoll. It was a revealing post. It could

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Contextual Theology in One Diagram


Tweet I’m in the middle of teaching Thesis Design for the Doctoral program in Missional Leadership at Northern Seminary. I’m the director of this program. This is the capstone course of the program which moves the student into thesis-research writing

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3 Characteristics of Missional Preaching: How the multi-site video venue works against mission.

Tweet This a part of a post I wrote in November 2009. See the post here for the comments generated way back then. I’d still adhere to everything I wrote back then yet I have further nuanced and more deeply

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Learning how to be funny for the Kingdom: What a Christian pacifist can learn from Muhammad Ali About Witness


Tweet Zizek, the cultural political theorist, teaches us there is no point in confronting an ideological field head on. The person who is firmly subjectified by the discourse, where his or her identity is so interwoven within its coordinates, can

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Stop Compartmentalizing Your Life


Tweet I offer this advice to pastors and Christian leaders. But it’s especially important to the lives of bi-vocational ministers/church planters for the Kingdom. Stop compartmentalizing your life. I think ‘compartmentalizing’ is the default mechanism. When we get too busy,

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The Caffeine Free Diet Coke: A Metaphor for Evangelicalism 4 years later


Tweet Almost 4 years ago now, I was in the middle of writing The End of Evangelicalism? Discerning a New Faithfulness for Mission, and I wrote a post on this blog comparing evangelicalism to an ‘empty’ Caffeine-Free Diet Coke. I

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